Web Chess

Description: A web based chess GUI using modern standards and tools.

The layout of the board and interface was accomplished using HTML5. CSS3 selectors and properties are used to style the board and interface. All interactivity is coded with Javascript using the jQuery library.

The game is still a work in progress. Key functionality like the checkmate and stalemate routines still need to be coded.

Solus - An Oregon Lighting Agency

Description: Catalog site for Portland company

Created PHP templates using HTML5 and CSS3 styles for intigration into final Wordpress site.

Styles were implimented using SASS/Compass


Description: This site was created to provide a web presence for a Portland based musician / photographer / designer.

I designed a site to showcase his various creative talents, with a photography gallery, listing of released albums, and an upcoming performance list. I also implemented a simple web-based CMS to allow him to add additional content and update performance information on the go.

I used Spry for the accordion and tab effects initially. I'm working on switching this over to jQuery UI. I'm also working on changing the galleries from CSS driven effects to Fancybox.

Poetry Review

Description: A coded prototype of a front-end interface for reviewers to read, comment on and approve or deny submissions for a literary magazine.

HTML5 and CSS3 were used to give the interface a stream-lined modern look. I also used @media queries to allow for a responsive layout based on screen width.

Geek Out Blog screenshot

Geek Out

Description: This is a fully coded design for a science fiction themed blog.

The navigation is absolutely positioned to keep it on screen while scrolling.

Photo by Elizabeth Archers


Originally hailing from Western Michigan, I relocated to Portland in 1998 after acquiring an Associates Degree in Business with a CIS focus from Baker College. In 2008 I decided to continue my education, and enrolled in the Art Institute of Portland to study Web Design and Interactive Media.

In 2012 I relocated to New York City, and took a position with Harrison and Star.

I’ve had an interest in computers since before they had disk drives. I learned BASIC by reading the manual that came with my first CoCo Computer from RadioShack. I’ve been writing fiction and drawing for almost that long. My first webpage was on GeoCites written by gleaning source code from other sites, while I was still at Baker.

I have been working in the industry since 2010, building responsive websites and emails.


  • HTML / HTML5
  • CSS / CSS3 / SCSS / Compass
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery / jQuery UI / AngularJS
  • Python